It Solutions

Sharing Economy

Our solutions help companies to deploy matching and sharing service easily and efficiently. More than that, our customer can fully delegate operational task to our team and focus on the business.

AI Edge Computing

Creating lean AI solutions with edge device. We focus on image processor and data analysis from sensor network (IoT), as well as cloud data transmitting.

Online web-meeting

Providing an independent, stable and reliable web-meeting solution. Our product can be easily integrated as a add-on in different systems.

Business Workflow

Automating workflow and manual process in company. This solution can be implemented either as an independent system or as an integration to the business's existed administrative system.

QR Booking/ Reception

Streamlining organizational process from registration to reception for conferences and events smoothly and easily based on the application of QR code.

AI Chatbot

Building an user-response system through different channels from website to chatting applications. Especially, with the power of AI intergrated, this product allows company to exploit the business know-how effectively.

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